640K Ought to be Enough for Anyone

Bill Gates Quote

“Computer Memory: 640K Ought to be Enough for Anyone”

Bill Gates, PC World Magazine 1990

Considering this article is written from a computer that has 4194304K of RAM and ten times the hard drive space, it’s safe to say Gates got this one wrong, with epic proportions.

The truth of the matter is, Bill Gates revolutionized the computer much the same way other American pioneers changed their industries. Gates will forever be compared to the likes of John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan. At one point in time 90% of all computers used Windows Operating System. Gates innovation of the personal computer an entire medium was produced.

Gates Paved The Way

The internet, despite what Al Gore says, is largely viewable through Windows or similar technology making it to mainstream homes. Much the same way as the interstate system after Henry Ford mass-produced cars.

With the speed computers evolve, the memory they use gets larger and larger due to software trying to harness the supreme power. This happens because as computers evolve, the problems and programs they are able to solve grows, which, in return requires more processing power from the┬ácomputer. Leaving us with “outdated” equipment six months after purchase.

Competition Breeds New Technology

Not to fear, a new innovation called the cell phone is now competing with the PC as the tool used to for many of these powerful programs which brings down cost and gives more competition. History teaches us that innovation and efficiency normally leads to success.

Despite how brilliant and innovative Bill Gates is, he underestimated his own product and the impact it would have. I do not think he minds as he still worth 50 billion dollars and Windows still dominates the PC market.

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